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Mizzou freshmen get creative in iLife competition

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  • Story by Shane Epping
  • Published: Dec. 4, 2007

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Team iLost won both the freshman experience category and the overall grand prize with their video, Lost @ Mizzou.

They laughed. They cried. Chancellor Brady Deaton was there, and so was sports broadcaster Bob Costas (via a pre-recorded video). No, the scene wasn’t a Mizzou football game.

It was Bush Auditorium, where judges revealed the winners of the 2007 Freshman iLife Competition. Teams of freshmen worked to shoot and edit video and audio into multimedia pieces about news, the freshman experience, community involvement, life at Mizzou and other categories — seven in all.

Approximately 100 teams of three to four students each competed for prizes and pride. Each team had two weeks to complete the project using Apple’s iMovie software and other technology, plus cameras provided by the Missouri School of Journalism.

A sense of humor and pop-culture savvy worked well for Team iLost, which won the freshman experience category and the overall grand prize for Lost @ Mizzou, a three-minute piece combining the premises and characters of popular TV shows Lost and 24 with “survivors” of move-in day at MU. Team members and journalism majors Spencer Ernst, Daniel Posey, Alex Ruppenthal and Fred Trotman took home an iPod Touch and $500 for use at the University Bookstore, among other prizes.

In a nod to pop culture that’s quite a bit older, Team iLost member and co-writer Ernst said he took inspiration from George McFly from the 1985 film Back to the Future, who said, “Like I've always told you, you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.” In his own words, Ernst continued, “Anyone can do what we did, as long as they put forth the effort.”

Posey, Ernst’s writing partner, described the creative process as not particularly linear: “It comes to you in bits and pieces, when you’re going in between classes, but especially when you’re sitting at Gumby’s at 1:30 in the morning, eating pizza and thinking, ‘Where in the heck are we going with this project?’ The great things are the unexpected things.”

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Reader feedback

  • This is great work and was very interesting to watch. Photography and video are hobbies of mine, but these freshmen put together a very exceptional  product, and I am proud to be a '71 Mizzou grad (BSBA) and see the institution still recruits and trains vibrant, exciting, exceptional minds.

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