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Mizzou 101

Freshmen get their first taste of campus traditions

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  • Photos and audio by Shane Epping
  • Introduction by Christine Deane
  • Published: Sept. 24, 2007

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Transcript of Mizzou 101 slide show:

Timeline: 1:50 - 0:47
My name is Samantha Cross. I'm obviously a freshman here at Mizzou. I'm from St. Charles, Missouri.

Here at Mizzou we did a lot of stuff. We got to move in, we got to meet all the people in our FIG and our FIG advisor, Lauren. We got to take a tour of the campus and we got to do Tiger Walk and a lot of things with our FIG and a lot of social events to get us used to being on campus and used to meeting new people. I personally really liked Tiger Walk because all the freshmen really got to be grouped together and you got to find out how many different people were here and how many different groups of, you know, ethnic backgrounds and people just studying different things. They had this big ceremony and we all got to run through the columns and we all got ice cream and it was all exciting.

Mizzou is a great school. It is an amazing university. Even before I came here, I was kind of weary if I wanted to come here or not and I came to campus and the campus is beautiful. Everything is a 15 minute walk from wherever you are and, I mean, it can be crowded at times, but everyone is so nice and there are so many different ways to get around campus. Everything is just really great.

Timeline: 0:46 - 0:0
Music Plays: Alma Mater: Old Missouri (Instrumental) by University of Missouri-Columbia Band

This slide show contains audio. A transcript is available.

Members of Mizzou's class of 2011 kicked off their college days by packing up the car, driving to Columbia and saying goodbyes — and hellos. Then they became a part of tradition through events such as Tiger Walk and painting the “M” at Faurot Field. They also settled into their residence halls, met fellow Freshman Interest Group (FIG) members, bought books and, of course, started classes.

This fall, a record number of freshmen made these memories (see slide show at right). First-day freshman enrollment surpassed 5,000 for the first time, with 5,027 new students and a record-high total enrollment of 28,070.

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