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Inside the huddle

20 questions with Tigers team captain Danario Alexander

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  • Story by Ryan Gavin
  • Photo by Shane Epping
  • Published: Aug. 14, 2009
Danario Alexander

Senior receiver Danario Alexander grabs one of quarterback Blaine Gabbert's passes during preseason practice. Alexander was selected as one of Mizzou's four team captains by his teammates.

Gearing up for opening day against Illinois on Sept. 5, Mizzou Wire talks with Tigers football captains about the game, the team and what makes them tick. Check back next Friday for the next installment.

Danario Alexander
  • wide receiver
  • senior
  • 6 feet, 5 inches; 215 pounds
On the field

1.  How did you get started with football? I started football when I was 9 with the Warriors. I played running back — No. 22 — cause I wanted to be like Emmitt Smith back in the day. I moved to quarterback and then made the switch to receiver my sophomore year of high school. Jeremy Sanders was a great quarterback, so we teamed up.

2.  What has been your favorite moment playing at Mizzou so far? Back in ’07, the Kansas game — the whole game. When I caught the touchdown when Chase Daniel rolled out for the Pontiac Game-Changing Play (starting at the 3:20 mark of this video), that was one of my favorite moments ever.

3.  When dealing with injuries like you have had the past two seasons, what’s it like to have to work your way back to full health? It was frustrating when I started out. I tried to come back, probably ahead of schedule, trying to be Superman and play. I just have to learn to be patient — patient with myself and my body.

4.  Some people say receiver is the high-maintenance or diva position on a team. Do you think that’s a fair assessment? I don’t know about that. You have all types of receivers out there. We’ve got Wes Kemp, who’s a blue-collar guy who’s real tough. I can be that kind of guy when I need to get down and dirty. It depends on what type of guy you are. So what type of receiver are you? I’d like to say both. I can go deep and catch touchdowns, but sometimes I get dirty and put a guy on his back. Depends what the team needs.

5.  What are your goals for the team this year? We want to come out and just play the best we can and win every game. We want to come out strong against Illinois on Sept. 5. It’s the only game on our schedule right now.

6.  What went through your mind when you found out you were selected as team captain? It was a great honor, being named team captain by my teammates. For me, to know my teammates look to me as a leader on the team, it makes me feel great.

7.  How has offensive coordinator Coach Yost been different from Coach Christensen? Coach Yost is a younger guy. He’s more laid back and fun. I think he’s got a [good] imagination, drawing up new plays and trying some new things. I love Coach Christensen, too, and he’s a great guy.


8.  Sport other than football: Baseball was my first love. I played pretty much every position in high school; I even played catcher. Favorite position: Center field. Center field and shortstop. I was kind of tall for shortstop, though, so center field’s gotta be it.

9.  Pregame song: I like Van Halen’s “Right Now” and “Lux Aeterna."

10.  Pregame meal: When we’d go to the hotel on Fridays, we had steak. And I got two or three steaks. I have a big appetite, and that’s my favorite thing. 

11.  Thing to do in Columbia: Basically, I just like chilling at home with my roommates. I’m kind of a homebody, so I just like to chill and watch TV.

12.  TV show: I like Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but they stopped showing it as much.

13.  Mizzou tradition: I’ve gotta say the Tiger Walk before games. With all the fans being there, it really gets you pumped up to know all the fans are already ready for us two hours before the game.

The Team

14.  Who can eat the most? Spoon! (Linebacker Sean Weatherspoon.) He’s not the biggest on the team, but during pregame meal, I eat two steaks; Spoon eats four and then extra food. He’s always the last guy leaving the lunch table.

15.  Who’s the best singer? I gotta say K-Rut, Kevin Rutland. We kind of make songs, just joking around, and we always have K-Rut singing them. He’s a great singer.

16.  On defense, who would make the best receiver? It may sound funny, but Spoon again. He’s probably got the best hands on defense. He played offense in high school. He caught a 30-yard pass against us, so he’s pretty big, but has some good hands.

17.  Who would you least like to take a hit from after catching a pass? Spoon. Again. I took a hard one from (safety) Hardy (Ricks), but Spoon would really lay me out. I see Spoon make big hits every day, and that’s what he does.

18.  Who taught you most about playing receiver? When I came in, I learned a lot from Brad Ekwerekwu. He was a great leader and was also a great captain. Also Will FranklinTommy Saunders. [Saunders] is even teaching me right now. He had some experience with the pro receivers, so he’s trying to help me crisp up my routes. We try to keep that tradition up at wide receiver.

19.  Who are you working with or mentoring now? I’m mentoring Jaleel Clark — pretty much all the freshmen: Jaleel, L’Damian (Washington), Kerwin (Stricker).

20.  Who’s the fastest? Munir Prince. I raced him this summer, and he beat me, so I have to give him credit. K-Rut again, too, but I’m not far behind. Best hands? I’m going to say me. Of course! Who can jump the highest? Of course me. I’ve got the vert. Everybody’s jumping, but I can beat them.

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  • Thanks for an excellent interview! Nary is one of Marlin's finest and, as evidenced by the interview, a well-spoken person also… Yeah, Nary!

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