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Inside the huddle

20 questions with Tigers team captain Kurtis Gregory

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  • Story by Ryan Gavin
  • Photos by Shane Epping
  • Published: Aug. 27, 2009
Kurtis Gregory

Offensive lineman Kurtis Gregory was selected as a captain by his teammates before the season began.

Gearing up for the Sept. 5 opening-day game against Illinois, Mizzou Wire talks with Tigers football captains about the game, the team and what makes them tick. Check back next Friday for the final installment.

Kurtis Gregory
On the field

1. How did you get started with football? I went to a private grade school, and we only had soccer. I wanted to play little league football in third or fourth grade, but it was, like, a 20-mile drive, and my parents said, "Uh, no." I didn't end up playing until I was in high school.

2. What's been your favorite in-game moment to this point? There's so many of them. I've had a lot of fun the last two years. That Arkansas game in the Cotton Bowl, Kansas in '07, Nebraska games in '07 and last year. There are so many.

3. What are your goals for the team this season? Go out every game and compete hard. Obviously we want to win every one of them, but [if we] compete hard in every game, hopefully we'll come out on top and win the Big 12 North again.

4. You've moved around on the line throughout your years at Mizzou. What's been the hardest spot to play? My very first day my freshman year, I got moved to left tackle and had to go against Brian Smith. It didn't go over very well and was kind of hard. Then first day playing center, I had to do the under snaps. I got a couple practice ones with Chase [Daniel] before, and they were fine. But the first three in actual practice were on the ground, so I'd say that's been the hardest one to play.

5. Is it easier to go up against thee- or four-man fronts? I don't really care. With three-man fronts, you've got to look out a little more, especially because you've got to look around and find three more guys who could come who don't have a hand down.

6. How did you feel when you found out you were named team captain? I felt pretty cool. I was happy. I won't say I expected it, but a lot of people were saying, "Oh, you're going to make it!" before it happened.

Kurtis Gregory

Kurtis Gregory overpowers freshman lineman Shawn Carey during a blocking drill at Tuesday afternoon's practice. Gregory, a senior, has played at nearly every spot on the offensive line for Mizzou.

7. Pregame music: If we have a long bus ride, I'll listen to classical music. I'm talking Bach, Beethoven, all that kind of stuff. Shostakovich— there are a few of his I like. On the longer bus rides, I like to listen to it; it does something to me. I also like "A Country Boy Can Survive" by Hank [Williams] Jr.

8. Sport to play other than football: I like to shoot trap. I've been doing it since I was in, like, third grade.

9. TV show: Sons of Anarchy

10. Movie: The Hangover

11. Nickname on the team: On the O-line we've got Jack Links, Jack Attack and Simple Jack [Jack Meiners], Big E and Picture-Perfect E [Elvis Fisher], Tim Bob [Tim Barnes]. There's a lot.

12. Pregame meal: I'm going to have to say broiled chicken breast, green beans and baked potato. Every week.

On the team

13. If you were going up against one of the offensive linemen on defense, who would you want to stay away from? I'd have to say [Austin] Wuebbels because he grabs ahold of people and doesn't let go. He's real physical.

14. Who's the best dancer? I don't know. Maybe Kip? Kip Edwards?

15. Who's the best singer? Spoon [Sean Weatherspoon]. No, Travis Ruth. He was a little choir boy up at Jeff City High School. He's got a pretty good voice.

16. Who can eat the most? I'd have to go with Tim Barnes or Jack Meiners. I don't compare to any of these guys. I can't eat that much anymore.

17. Who's the strongest? It goes between Spoon, Brendan Donaldson, Jaron Baston and Jack Meiners.

18. Out of the current defenders, who's the hardest to block? Aldon [Smith]'s pretty good. He's just really quick off the ball. Jaron is, too. Spoon's the best at linebacker.

19. Who have you learned the most from while playing? I learned a lot from Tyler [Luellen] my freshman year when I was trying to play tackle. When it came to playing guard, it was a lot between me and Colin [Brown] because we flip-flopped. He went from guard to tackle, and I went from tackle to guard.

20. If you could play a position other than offensive line, where would you play? Kicker. They don't run very much.

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