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Inside the huddle

20 questions with Tigers team captain Sean Weatherspoon

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  • Story by Ryan Gavin
  • Photos by Shane Epping
  • Published: Sept. 2, 2009
Sean Weatherspoon

Outside linebacker Sean Weatherspoon was selected by his teammates to be one of Mizzou's four team captains.

Gearing up for Saturday's opening-day game against Illinois, Mizzou Wire talks with Tigers football captains about the game, the team and what makes them tick. Don't forget to check out the other three captains' interviews (see links in the left sidebar).

Sean Weatherspoon "Spoon"
On the field

1.  Do you remember your first game at Mizzou? My first game at Mizzou was against Murray State. I played a few times of kickoff return. I had a few tackles, and we had a pretty good game getting the shutout. It was a lot different than what I’d seen before. When I came out the tunnel there were, like, 50,000 fans, and it was amazing to have so much support. It was a feeling that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

2.  What has been your favorite playing moment so far? Favorite playing moment would have to be the KU game in 2007. It’s obviously a big deal around here. One of my best friends, Danario [Alexander], had a monster game. We beat them and went to No. 1 in the nation, so that’s always something that’s going to stand out.

3.  What’s it like to hear the fans yell “SPOOON!” when you make a play? Back in high school they used to do that, but it was a small crowd. I didn’t really hear it until the first game here last year. It was kind of amazing. I didn’t really know what was going on at first, and then I saw guys dressing up as spoons or with spoons in the crowd. When my mom was there and heard it for the first time, she thought everyone was booing me, but then she got the hang of it.

4.  What did it feel like when you were named team captain? Preseason All-America linebacker? You know, the preseason All-America thing is something that’s a good deal, but if I don’t come out here every day and work hard and grind with my teammates, then none of that even matters. As far as being named team captain, that means much more to me. It means my teammates thought that much of me to name me as a co-captain. It was the guys running around every day who picked it, so it means a lot more.

5.  What are your goals for the team this season? Our goal is to go out there and win every Saturday. One Saturday at a time. We start Sept. 5 against Illinois. My goal is to just go out there and do well and do anything I can to help my team.

6.  Although the draft is basically an eternity from now for you, early projections have you as a first-day pick. Did you have any team that you grew up rooting for? You know, I’ve always been a Cowboys fan because my mom and dad are diehard Cowboys fans. I’m actually going to try to make it to one of J-Mac’s (Jeremy Maclin’s) games when [the Cowboys] play [the Eagles] on Jan. 3. I’ve always been a Cowboys fan, but it wouldn’t matter who I played for. It’s just an honor to be there.

Sean Weatherspoon

Spoon tackles Tigers tight end Michael Egnew during practice.

7.  Pregame song: You might find this odd, but it would have to be Van Halen’s “Right Now.” Danario said that, too. Myself, Danario and Kevin Rutland always hang around and are always around each other. Van Halen — that song just gets you in the right frame of mind to play football.

8.  Pregame meal: Steak, lasagna, baked potato and salad at the end. You know, I’ve got to get my salad last because the lettuce helps me digest.

9.  Non-football activity: That would have to be singing. Even when I’m out here [playing football], I try to bring it. I’m always singing when we’re in meetings and stuff like that, so coach has to tell me to shut up. Danario, Kevin and I all get together and put together some songs on a Mac. It’s kind of fun. I’ve seen some of your music videos. You’ve got some dance moves, too. Yeah, you gotta dance a little, too. Have to have some rhythm.

10.  Sport outside of football: My first love would have to be baseball. I played for a long period of time; ever since I was, like, 5, I was playing some type. Back in high school, I could kind of put football to the side and then pick it up again in the summer. Now, of course, I’m working at it year-round. I wish I could still play baseball, but football has been successful for me, so it’s worked out.

11.  Class or professor at MU: I’m going to go with Dr. [Casey] Holliday. When I first came here, he was my transition class teacher. It was called "Topics in Health Professions," which helped us pick an area we wanted to study. It helped me become a better decision maker and things like that. Just going to his class was fun. There are a lot of great professors out there, though, I love dearly.

12.  TV show: I went back and bought every season of Martin.

13.  Movie: It would have to be Life, starring Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. Big Martin Lawrence fan.

14.  Mizzou tradition: Tiger Walk. When it’s a really big game — and lately every game here has been a really really big game — when we get off that bus and do Tiger Walk on Saturday morning, it’s just amazing how many fans are out there supporting us. You get to see some family members, some little Tigers, some little kids out there. It’s funny to go by and slap their hands and see how much we mean to the community. It just gets me in the right mood to play ball; it puts me in the right mind and relaxes me.

On the team

15.  Who has the best style? It would have to be Danario Alexander. He puts the two Os in cool. He’s a head above everybody when it comes to style and fashion. He’ll see you with something on and he’ll be like, “That’s nice, but I had that two weeks ago.” He’s always the freshest guy. He’s a fly guy.

16.  Who’s the hardest to bring down and/or most elusive? That’s definitely two guys. We’ll split it up. Hardest to bring down is Derrick [Washington] because he’s more powerful than most running backs. He weighs almost 220; he’s a guy that gets downhill pretty quick, and he’s hard to bring down because he has a little more mass. Most elusive is probably De’Vion Moore because he’s real shifty. He can hop inside and back outside and make you look real silly on film. You don’t want that; believe me.

17.  What’s the funniest thing that happens or has happened at practice this fall? Ashton Glaser, our freshman quarterback, kind of has the idea that whenever everybody’s over in the cold tubs, he’ll just come over full speed and dive in and get everybody soaked. Everybody hates him at that moment, but it’s something I find funny.

18.  Who’s the best dancer? There are two of them, really. Kevin Rutland and Josh Tatum, when he’s healthy. Both of those guys have pretty good moves. I’m going to keep myself out of it, but I’m right up there with them.

19.  What’s your favorite nickname? Kevin Rutland. A lot of people don’t know this nickname, but it’s Yeda [pronounced yee-duh]. I don’t even know why, but one day I came in looking for him and he was upstairs. So I asked, “Where ye be?” He said, “Oh ye!” and every day since, I just called him Yeda. It’s a funny nickname cause it has nothing to do with his actual name, and pretty much everyone else calls him K-Rut.

20.  Who have you learned the most from? I learned the most from Lorenzo Williams. He was a guy who was here and got to watch lead for two years. I saw how he went about his business, and I got to play with him my sophomore year significantly. He was just a guy who was always passionate about the game and made sure the younger guys knew what was going on. You never found out things through the grapevine; he would always come to you and talk to you and try to help you out the best way he could. That’s something that really stuck with me, so I try to do that with our younger guys.

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