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ROTC students lead the Mizzou Veterans Day parade, ceremony and vigil

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  • Photos by Shane Epping
  • Published: Nov. 12, 2009
Veterans Day

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Photo captions

  1. MU Air Force ROTC cadets prepare to march in the Nov. 11, 2009, Mizzou Joint ROTC Veterans Day Parade on 8th Street in Columbia, Mo. MU Veterans Week events began Nov. 9 and continue through Nov. 13. From left: Cadet 3rd Class Sean P. Sellers from St. Genevieve, Mo.; Cadet 4th Class Nathan J. Meyer from Troy, Ill.; Cadet 4th Class David J. Campbell from Bolingbrook, Ill.; Cadet 4th Class Caleb J. Siefkas from Columbia; Cadet 4th Class Thomas M. Schulte from DeSoto, Mo.; Cadet 3rd Class Dixon N. Ethington from Lee's Summit, Mo.; Cadet Maj. Kyle R. Wilmot from Belton, Mo.
  2. Army ROTC cadets stand in formation on Francis Quadrangle before marching to the parade route on the Historic Avenue of the Columns.
  3. Cadet Battalion Commander James Caldwell talks with members of his battalion while Cadet Private Dylan Waschkowski (right) prepares for the parade.
  4. Midshipman Michael Hosteny (right), a junior from Springfield, Ill., checks the uniform worn by PLC Candidate Alexander Richmond, a junior from St. Peters, Mo.
  5. Midshipman Battalion Commanding Officer Cadet Col. Michael G. Marta, a senior from Platte City, Mo., gives orders to fellow ROTC students.
  6. Cadet Corporal Courtney Berck holds the flag of her Army ROTC platoon.
  7. Cadet Battalion Commander James Caldwell leads the formation during the parade.
  8. Midshipman Matthew St. John, a sophomore from Wildwood, Mo., monitors traffic on Elm Street.
  9. A bystander watches the parade on 8th Street.
  10. Phil Gibson, the son of a Navy veteran who recently died at age 90, pays his respects.
  11. Jackson Bruenjes, a member of the 84th Infantry Division Reenacted, sits in a World War II jeep in front of the Boone County Courthouse.
  12. Distinguished guest speaker Lt. Col. Ronald L. Tucker, an MU graduate, addresses the crowd during the ceremony at the Boone County Courthouse.
  13. Cadet Sgt. Maj. Adams (left) and Midshipman Phillip Bayani stand at ease in front of the Boone County Courthouse. Bayani is a freshman from Yokosuka, Japan.
  14. Skip Yates, a retired Navy aviator and captain of the VFW Post 280 Honor Guard, salutes alongside ROTC cadets. Front row, from left: Cadet Lt. Col. Richard G. Gannon from DeSoto, Mo.; Cadet Maj. Kyle R. Wilmot from Belton, Mo.; Cadet 4th Class Matthew C. Howard-Darling. Back row, from left: Cadet 3rd Class Konrad B. Hughes from Springfield, Mo.; Cadet 4th Class Caleb J. Siefkas from Columbia, Mo.; and Cadet 2nd Lt. Zachary S. Ragain from Jefferson City, Mo.
  15. Midshipman William Chandler (with rifle), a freshman from Allen, Texas, stands at attention beside Cadet Capt. Christopher J. Neal of St. Louis.
  16. George Hansen, a World War II veteran who served in the Navy from 1942 to 1946, takes part in the ceremony.
  17. Cadet Maj. Gregg M. Johnson from San Antonio, Texas, overlooks the proceedings from a downtown parking garage.
  18. Columbians watch the Veterans Day ceremony from Walnut Street.

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Reader feedback

  • This was excellent!
  • FANTASTIC photo montage of the events last week! As a veteran, I am grateful for your coverage of the events since I was unable to attend. Thank you!

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