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One health, one medicine

The convergence of human and animal health

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  • From MIZZOU magazine
  • Published: March 3, 2011
Vitruvian Man with dog

Q dot When people walk their dogs, is it the pet or the person who benefits from the exercise?

A dot It’s a trick question — both gain.

Questions surrounding the health of humans and animals often are the same, and MU has historic and emerging strengths where they converge.

For instance, veterinary researcher Jimi Cook’s biological knee replacement, which does away with metal-plastic joints, has healed racehorses and could work just as well in humans. And alumnus Frederick Hausheer’s drug Tavocept for people with lung cancer or ovarian cancer is now in clinical trials at MU for dogs with bladder cancer.

Next time you look down on a dog, remember that human health is akin to canine (but they can keep the dog years).

For more information, follow this prescription:

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Arthritic joints, especially knees, hobble millions of Americans and cost billions in treatments that yield so-so results. No cure exists. Or does it?

Story by Dale Smith | Photo by Rob Hill

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Since opening in October 2008, MedZou, a student-run clinic, has provided free care for more than 400 uninsured Boone County residents.

Story by Stephanie Detillier | Photos by Nicholas Benner

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Game changer

Fred vom Saal’s research led to a consumer rebellion against products made with the plastics additive bisphenol A. Now he wants government regulators to take a stand on toxic chemicals in everyday products.

Story by Brian Wallstin | Photos by Rob Hill

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Dog's best friend

McDuff the Scottish terrier has bladder cancer. He is part of a Mizzou study which tests the human cancer-fighting drug Tavocept on dogs.

Story by Marcus Wilkins | Photos by Nicholas Benner

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Innovative intellectuals

MU’s Biodesign and Innovation fellowship produces business-savvy inventors who are poised to improve medical care and spur economic development.

Stories by Stephanie Detillier | Photos by Nicholas Benner

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One Health, One Medicine roundup

Short stories about Mizzou’s advances in health-related teaching, learning, research, economic development and clinical treatments.

Stories and photos by MIZZOU Magazine staff

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